Interview Christoph Ostermann

German article: "Deshalb habe ich mich auch an der ESFORIN SE beteiligt – ein Spezialist für Flexibilitätsvermarktung, ohne den meiner Meinung die Energiewende nicht gelingt. Das Unternehmen balanciert Angebot und Nachfrage am Strommarkt aus, was unsere Netze stabilisiert. Das wiederum vermeidet für die Industrie teure Blackouts." Christoph Ostermann in FOCUS Online

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Direct marketer delivering in real time

We are "Direct marketer delivering in real time"! The "VisuFlex" project of the Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.). (FNR) shows that flexibilised biogas plants can compensate for the fluctuating power generation of volatile energy producers.

Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft

"Intraday market: flexibility marketer sees great opportunities for municipal utilities.
The company ESFORIN optimises electricity generation and consumption according to the price situation on intraday markets. While it initially focused on industrial customers, it now wants to increasingly target municipal utilities." Article worth reading in the ZfK


German article in the newspaper "Handelsblatt": This is how solar power can be sold on the stock exchange. The two companies Sonnen and Esforin see the new model as a contribution to grid stabilisation. However, the return for private households is completely open.