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A future-oriented, digital optimization platform for intraday trading of electricity and gas

Automated Intraday Trades

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ESFORIN SE was founded in 2014 as a European company by Christian Hövelhaus (CEO) and Christoph Gardlo (COO). Our goal was and is to offer energy solutions and services, for example the so-called demand-side management (DSM) for the marketing of energy flexibilities for industrial and major customers - via a completely automated optimization and service platform. ESFORIN thus actively contributes to the energy transition. Our vision is to establish a leading digitalized and innovative marketplace for intraday trading of electricity and gas, especially for short-term energy optimization in the European markets, where our customers can benefit from our products.

With flexibility marketing in the electricity sector, we are already enabling numerous customers to participate in continuous intraday trading with their flexibility in production or power generation. Thus, they actively participate in the stabilization of the electricity grid. ESFORIN solutions allow industrial companies to adapt their power flexibility to price signals on the intraday market. Such price signals indicate an imbalance in the power grid - the ESFORIN algorithms react to it. In this way, ESFORIN customers make a decisive contribution to the energy transition and at the same time they take the opportunity to reduce their energy costs.

In recent years, ESFORIN has developed more than 50 individualized trading algorithms for various assets and has built up enormous expertise in both algorithmic intraday trading of electricity and algorithmic intraday trading of gas. As a leading provider in the field of flexibility marketing in the electricity sector and one of the most innovative companies in the flexibility marketing of gas, ESFORIN is now active in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands. We are one of the leading and growing players in the European energy market.

Christian Hövelhaus, CEO von ESFORIN SE

Christian Hövelhaus

Christoph Gardlo


flexibilization of biogas

We are pioneers in the flexibilization of biogas plants


Biogas is the #balancing solution in the #energy system of tomorrow. ES∙FOR∙IN SE enables a trend-setting flexibilization of #biogas plants - and was even pointed out by the "Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V." (Agency for Renewable Resources) as a direct supporter of #flexible biogas plants

#biogas • #energyturnaround • #direct marketing

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digitalization of the energy market

Corona as digitizer of the energy industry


Home office, fluctuating #energy prices or economic changes. In our everyday work, the pandemic shows us the limits of the power market design every day.

In the long run, the abrupt change means the acceleration of digital energy solutions.

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Digitizing the Energy Sector

5 good reasons for Digitizing the Energy Sector


The #lockdown accelerated the German #digitalization by many years - even the #energy sector benefits from digital innovations and services. 

What kind of potential do you see?


#digital • #energytransition • #intraday

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Energy market design of the future


The German Renewable Energy Association (BEE) presented measures for a short-term design adjustment of the electricity market.

The short-term increase in flexibility for consumption, supply or generation of electricity is essential for the stabilization of the energy transition.

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Gaspreise 2021

#2021 Gas Prices


In 2021 gas prices are expected to rise. The newly introduced CO2 price and increased network charges are intended to enhance the attractiveness of climate-friendly alternatives. Our contribution to the energy transition is to promote market price-oriented network stability with energy prices that are cheaper for you.

#flexibilitätsvermarktung • #emissionshandel • #energiewende

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Focus on flexibility

Focus on flexibility


Experience has shown that most biogas plant operators have still set themselves up for continuous operation. From the point of view of the energy industry, electricity from biogas could be a much better supplement to the erratic infeed from sun and wind. A demand-oriented infeed to cover the residual load would then be the actual purpose of the electricity produced from biogas.

#directmarketing #intradayhandel #biogas #greenenergy

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Blockchain Technologie vernetzt mit erneuerbaren Energien

ESFORIN SE and Statkraft connect renewable energy producers with industrial consumers via blockchain


ESFORIN SE, the European energy optimizer and service provider from Essen, Germany, and Statkraft, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, sold one megawatt hour of electricity from Statkraft's EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) portfolio to a demand-side management customer of ESFORIN SE on January 24th, without any intermediate platform.

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ESFORIN SE focuses on flexibility marketing


ESFORIN sees great potential in the marketing of short-term flexibility in production or energy generation by industrial companies.

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Our services

Point of Interest
wind turbine

Flexibility marketing of electricity

Benefit from our automated, individually programmed and market price-oriented flexibility marketing. We actively trade your flexibility on the intraday market and continuously optimize the strategies that we have designed for you.

Bilanzkreis- & Portfoliomanagement

Balancing group and portfolio management

Optimize your energy management. We take care that your balancing groups are automatically kept countervailed. We also forecast your long-term demand and take over your market communication.

Direkter Marktzugang Strom & Gas für Industrie und Erzeuger

Direct market access electricity & gas for industrial companies

Reduce your balancing energy costs in an uncomplicated way. We offer you an automated access to the electricity and natural gas exchanges in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Direktvermarktung von Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien

Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies

You concentrate on your core business - the generation of energy. We take over all services for you that arise with the direct marketing of renewable energies.

Our customers

sectors for intraday trading with electricity and gas

Market Communication

Only pay for transactions you really need!

Automate your expensive processes with intelligent tools and become a cost leader. With our partner brand xpergy, we offer complementary highly automated digitalization solutions for your energy business from a single source. Expand your existing system with the know-how and high-quality standards of the xpergy competence team and the performance of state-of-the-art cloud systems. Integrate automatic and completely maintenance-free forecasts into your existing process flows.



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