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Securing competitive advantages as an energy supplier.

We help energy suppliers to optimise their processes with modular energy services or in an end-to-end process.

Energy suppliers have to deal with extraordinarily high energy prices in 2022 and possibly fixed prices for household customers. The energy supply market for households and commercial customers is highly competitive. At the same time, new players are entering the market that are changing the existing structures: From smart meter providers to battery storage manufacturers.

These significant changes lead, among other things, to households being individually and transparently metered via smart meters. For energy suppliers, this opens up a new era. New tariffs and products can be tailored to customers. In addition, customers can be rewarded for their flexible consumption.

We support energy suppliers of end customers to be able to offer the appropriate products in this changing environment.

Efficient management of balancing groups

A specially developed IT platform takes over the market communication with trading partners and transmission system operators in a cost-efficient way. We offer this overall process as a service to our customers. In the process, required quantities are balanced via market access. This saves effort and generates potential savings.

The advantage for energy suppliers is that we adapt the handling of market communication individually to your business processes and IT and offer it on a modular basis. The modules range from pure schedule management to taking over the operative MaBiS and GABi Gas processes for balancing group managers and suppliers.

Efficient management of energy portfolios

Cost advantages can also be achieved through active portfolio management. As a pure service provider, we offer independent advice and procurement via a multi-supplier model.

We manage energy portfolios for our clients across all control areas or market areas (also internationally).

Energy suppliers also benefit with our direct market access (spot market) gas and electricity. Energy volumes for end customers have to be procured via the forward market. For this purpose, we work together with various trading partners, as this means that we do not maintain our own forward volume portfolio and thus ensure independent advice.

Active portfolio management allows the short-term optimisation of energy portfolios. Furthermore, income can be generated with electricity consumption flexibilities on the intraday. Flexibility can be found with the help of smart meters, PV systems, battery storage or when charging e-cars.

Use forecasts intelligently

A high forecast quality is the basis for a solid procurement strategy and helps to avoid balancing energy costs. A consumption forecast that is as accurate as possible is made digitally and AI-supported in order to avoid balancing energy in the short term and to have an optimised basis for the procurement strategy in the long term.

We offer energy suppliers short-term The short-term forecast is used to determine the demand for the next day for spot market procurement. and long-term forecasts The long-term forecast takes the form of a detailed portfolio report to support the customer in the procurement strategy in futures trading. based on artificial intelligence (AI) with the inclusion of all relevant data (including profiles of the grid operators and all weather stations).

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The diversity of the energy sources available today leads to so far unseen volatility. We react to temporary changes within fractions of seconds – with our customised offer according to customer specifications.


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With our solutions, we consistently rely on digital applications. This is bearing in mind that fractions of seconds in the interaction between supply and demand decide on financial success, incurred costs, and long-term supply reliability. 

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