Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies

Additional proceeds from intraday trading by means of price-controlled marketing of renewable energies

The energy transition in Germany received its legal foundation with the Renewable Energies Act of 2021, guaranteeing fixed supply fees to producers. Our direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies generated by plants, which have already been approved for flexibility payments, yields considerable additional income at the monthly market value.

ESFORIN Direktvermarktung

Direct marketing in the market premium model for plants eligible for flexibility payments

Secure yourself valuable additional income by means of customised operating modes that are adjusted to your technical limitations. Highly automated and plant-specific algorithms enable customised, price-controlled marketing without unpredictable control interventions and pooling effects. All of this is done exclusively on the financially interesting short-term electricity markets. We will see take on all tasks for you arising for the marketing – including the EIV resource provider and BTR producer of a technical resource in Redispatch regulations on the management of bottlenecks in the power grid 2.0. You can then focus entirely on your core business.

We are "direct marketer delivering in real time"! The „VisuFlex“ project of the Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. FNR) shows that flexibilised biogas plants can compensate for the fluctuating power generation of volatile renewable energies (e.g. wind power) and at the same time profit significantly from it.


Download summary on direct marketing of flexible biogas plants:

Simple direct marketing

You, as the plant operator, transmit the electricity quantities to be generated that are intended for the next day.

Direktvermarktung Erneuerbare Energien
Customised algorithms

We develop a custom trading algorithm together with you specifically for your plant, taking into account all restrictions and readjusted depending on the season.

Direktvermarktung Erneuerbare Energien
Income-optimised operating plan

We calculate an income-optimised operating plan and transfer it to the plant on the day ahead of the supply day, so its operating mode and its operation can be planned in the ideal manner.

Direktvermarktung Erneuerbare Energien
Transparent summary of trades

You can trace all of your individual trades transparently on the customer portal almost in real time.

Direktvermarktung Erneuerbare Energien
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Energy for the economic driver

We never stand still and deliver digital solutions for customers, who operate on dynamic markets. After all, business success is the result of well-considered decisions. We help you make them.  

Branche: Industrie


Through our customised algorithms, we profitably trade industrial flexibility on the intraday markets.


We help city utilities with our in-depth industry know-how to move their energy mix in the direction of sustainability.

Renewable energies

We facilitate the efficient feed-in of renewable energies to the grid through the processes, which we have optimised for our customers.

B2C energy suppliers

Our automated trading offers energy suppliers direct access to relevant energy exchange markets.

“Direct marketing of flexible controllable plants as a stabiliser of the energy transition.“

Katja Drinkmann | Key Account Manager

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Katja Drinkmann | Key Account Manager


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