Flexibility marketing

Flexibility to achieve stable grids and reduce CO2

The phase-out of nuclear energy and electricity from coal is a done deal. Feeding in renewable energies requires reconceptualising our electricity grids to continue keeping them stable. Accordingly, controllable loads and generation are key factors for the integration of renewable energies into the grid.

ESFORIN Flexibilitätsvermarktung

Fully automatic trading on the intraday market

The volatile electricity market sets price incentives for the power generation to match the required demand. In addition, those who can operate the mechanisms of the short-term markets in flexible yet controlled manner and this way contribute to the needed stability become enablers of the energy transition. The environment, end consumers and businesses profit from this equally. Buying or selling the flexible portion of energy offers appealing additional income stream and ensures significant CO2-savings. Steered by algorithms, you respond fully automatically to interesting prices. As a service provider, we are your point of contact with the electricity exchanges in trading on short-term markets.

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Demand Response

Demand Response


Flexibility marketing according to your requirements

You send us the flexibility levels of your plants on the present day for the next day, and the prices at which we may modify your plants’ operating mode.

Flexibility marketing
Trading within fractions of a second

According to applicable restrictions, we trade your flexibilities automatically within fractions of a second on the intraday market by means of individually programmed algorithms.

Flexibility marketing
Balance for continuous stability

By marketing your flexibility, you cover the supply shortage of renewables, and thereby stabilise the grid and clear the path for even more renewable energies.

Flexibility marketing
All-round service from order to conclusion

We will send you a plant operating schedule for implementation and see to the processing with your existing supplier.

Flexibility marketing
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Energy for the economic driver

We never stand still and deliver digital solutions for customers, who operate on dynamic markets. After all, business success is the result of well-considered decisions. We help you make them.  

Branche: Industrie


With our individually programmed algorithms, we trade flexibilities of the industry (e.g. paper) profitably on the intraday market.


We help city utilities with our in-depth industry know-how to move their energy mix in the direction of sustainability.

Power plant operators

Our fully automated solutions support power plant operators in the best possible utilisation of their capacities.  

Renewable energies

We facilitate the efficient feed-in of renewable energies to the grid through the processes, which we have optimised for our customers.

Medium-sized industrial companies

We help industrial companies and commerce navigate the energy transition by means of our smart algorithms.

B2C energy suppliers

Our automated trading offers energy suppliers direct access to relevant energy exchange markets.

„We give flexibility a value. For the environment and companies.“

Christian Irion | Senior Sales Manager

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Christian Irion | Senior Sales Manager


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