With flexibility 363,267 tons of CO2 savings in 2022.

There are countless factors that influence energy markets. Our flexibility marketing helps make a significant contribution to grid stability and decarbonization 


Carbon dioxide is considered one of the main drivers of climate change. To counteract this, Europe wants to be the first continent ever to become climate neutral by 2050. A noble goal for which numerous measures have been bundled within the framework of the European Green Deal.

Several factors are decisive for achieving climate neutrality. One of them is the consistent transformation of the energy industry, which is being driven forward at full speed in many places. Flexibility marketing has proven to be particularly effective in this regard. Last year alone, we were able to contribute to saving 363,2670 tonnes of CO2 with our customers (2021: 197,394 tonnes) through our solutions. An important success in the fight against global warming.

Summary on CO2-reduction:

The Win-Win-Win Principle

This is possible because we enable the targeted feed-in of renewable energies into the grid. Knowledge of short-term production and generation flexibilities is essential here. Ultimately, the interplay of supply and demand can be condensed to a decisive point: With every megawatt of flexibility our customers have, overall CO2 emissions can be reduced. This requires neither costly investments nor a lot of patience. Because this is already possible today. With existing processes, with existing plants and with existing technology - and in almost real time. Because with the purchase or sale of flexible energy shares, significant CO2 savings can be made on the one hand. On the other hand, attractive additional revenues can be achieved if algorithms are used to react fully automatically to attractive prices. In this way, a considerable additional profit of up to 185,000€ per MW/a can be generated, which at the same time can have a positive effect on energy costs. Without any loss of comfort being associated with this.

"Flexibility marketing is the only way to save CO2 that makes money from day 1."

Christian Hövelhaus | CEO & Founder ESFORIN

Another advantage is that the electricity price-guided mode of operation is market-based. Regulatory interventions or even overruling (as e.g. in Redispatch 2.0) are thus no longer necessary. Nevertheless, this approach requires a rethink on the part of all market participants. But as a result, it opens up numerous possibilities between the two poles of operation under full load and complete shutdown.

We set a good example in a transparent way

With the products from our portfolio, we move within precisely this range. We are able to react to short-term price signals to within a quarter of an hour. And not only in intraday trading, but also on an hourly basis in the day-ahead business. With our individually adapted algorithms, we have entered far more than absolutely new territory: We created it in the first place. The fact that we offer an innovative and consistently reliable service thanks to our know-how has been proven since our first day on the market. What we are able to achieve as a service provider and thus interface to international energy exchanges also convinces independent bodies. So much so that we were the first company of our kind ever to be certified for our contribution to CO2 savings. Inseparable from successful CO2 certification is transparency. Here we set a good example and disclose how we ensure sustainably efficient energy management. Our customers also benefit from this. They can not only calculate their total CO2 savings, but also have them certified.


Speaking of which: sustainable action is a fundamental part of our corporate DNA. Therefore, it is of course a matter for us to use the train for business trips wherever possible and to promote mobile working and job bikes. Furthermore, we operate our servers exclusively with green electricity. Because on the way to climate neutrality, every single step counts. And we have the ambition to be at the forefront.


Our contribution to sustainable energy economy

We make a decisive contribution by our service to the indisputably urgently necessary energy transition. This comes in light of the urgency that is of the essence to be able to still remotely reach the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.


Our participations in a digitally characterised world

With our solutions, we consistently rely on digital applications. This is bearing in mind that fractions of seconds in the interaction between supply and demand decide on financial success, incurred costs, and long-term supply reliability. 

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