Battery Storage (BESS)

Battery Storage (BESS) optimisation

Multi-market BESS optimisation using an allocation algorithm developed in-house

Profits in intraday trading for battery storage (reference year 2023)
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The optimisation of battery energy storage systems (BESS) and flexibility trading go hand in hand – they are the perfect match, so to speak! Our AI-supported allocation algorithm analyses all relevant markets for your battery storage system (BESS) – be it intraday, day-ahead, aFRR or FCR – and determines the optimal choice for your battery in advance.

The allocation algorithm analyses all relevant markets

The special thing about our state-of-the-art marketing is that the algorithm always takes into account the technical specifications and limitations of your battery storage systems (BESS). In this way, we always ensure that your batteries operate at maximum efficiency, maximise returns and protect the service life of your assets at the same time.

And what exactly do we do? ESFORIN reacts to price signals on relevant markets with our customers' systems - including virtual cycling - financial transactions without physically activating the battery, so to speak.

Our expertise is based on years of experience and spans over 20 asset types with over 2 gigawatts of flexibility under contract. Starting with the most complex assets in terms of flexibility – large energy-intensive customers – we are constantly optimising our performance by combining insights from different asset types.

To this end, we have developed a state-of-the-art, fully automated end-to-end trading platform – so that our customers have a transparent overview of their marketing at all times and can concentrate on their core business.

In this way, we enable the best possible results for our customers - around €250,000/MW per year (reference year 2023) – and enable the energy transition to succeed by integrating renewable energies even more efficiently with the help of battery storage systems in combination with flexibility marketing, thereby reducing CO2 !


Battery storage planned, but no grid connection?

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A typical day in the life of an ESFORIN battery

Case study: Extreme price example for a battery storage system in intraday trading

A battery storage system was available to us on an exemplary day D for 7:00 to 7:15 a.m. with a capacity of 7 MW. Our algorithms programmed for the battery storage system then traded the 7 MW on the intraday market of the electricity exchange from 4 pm on the day of the lecture (day D-1) within the system-specific restrictions. On this winter day with little wind and sun, extreme prices were observed on the intraday, so that shortly before gate closure, a profit of around €1,575 was realised within one minute for this quarter-hour product. Extreme price scenarios will increase significantly in the future, as the volatility of the price trend is increasing rapidly due to the feed-in of more renewables. This can lead to extremely high prices at times when there is little wind and sun in winter and even negative prices at times when there is a lot of wind and sun.

Orange= sell, Green = buy, White = intraday trades, trade start: 4pm previous day & trade end until 5 min before delivery

Use cases for battery storage systems (BESS)

    Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are being developed everywhere and have a wide range of possible applications. ESFORIN can provide support in every application and realise successful marketing:

    Stand-alone battery storage

    Stand-alone battery storage systems are independent units with their own grid connection. With the help of ESFORIN flexibility marketing, you can react to imbalances in the electricity grid and prices on the power exchange and on the control power markets. This allows these battery storage systems to help stabilise the electricity grid and generate profits on the power exchange and on the control power markets.

    Co-location battery storage

    Co-location battery storage systems utilise the grid connection of new or existing renewable energy systems. These battery storage systems shift renewable electricity generation in times of increased demand and more attractive electricity prices on the exchange. There are different types of co-location battery storage systems. A distinction is made between storage systems that only utilise the physical grid connection, co-location storage systems that increase the market value of renewables and innovation tender systems that receive funding as part of the EEG innovation tender.

    Behind-the-metre storage:

    These battery storage systems are primarily installed to optimise self-consumption or reduce grid costs. At times, they have unutilised degrees of freedom that make it possible to generate additional profits. ESFORIN can help to increase the efficiency of these storage systems and thus maximise their profitability.

    ESFORIN utilises the multi-market approach for all battery energy storage systems wherever possible, while observing the ban on double marketing. This allows several markets to be served at different times and at the same time. This increases the profit potential of the battery storage systems and also serves as a risk hedge against market price fluctuations and regulatory changes.

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    The diversity of the energy sources available today leads to so far unseen volatility. We react to temporary changes within fractions of seconds – with our customised offer according to customer specifications.


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    With our solutions, we consistently rely on digital applications. This is bearing in mind that fractions of seconds in the interaction between supply and demand decide on financial success, incurred costs, and long-term supply reliability. 

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    As specific as your need: Our answer

    We are specialised in developing solutions customised to your personal requirements. And you can also righty expect this based on the information you receive from us.

    We are happy to advise you

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    ESFORIN SE | +49.201.22038-100 | | Ruhrallee 201 | 45136 Essen

    As specific as your need: Our answer

    We are specialised in developing solutions customised to your personal requirements. And you can also righty expect this based on the information you receive from us.