Direct market access electricity & gas

trading with direct market access to the electricity and natural gas exchange markets

Each year, many terawatt hours of electricity and gas are traded on European short-term markets. With access to the intraday trading, inaccuracies of forecasts can be compensated for temporary deviations (e.g. production outage) and balancing group loyalty can be secured.

ESFORIN Direkter Marktzugang


Digital intraday trading for risk minimisation

Secure the possibility of intraday trading for yourself with our fully automated, direct market access. We trade your short-term requirement in acting as the intermediary between producers and consumers on one side and electricity and natural gas exchange markets on the other side. This is particularly important to avoid balancing energy and the related penalties sums of money bindingly promised in the contract in the case of non-performance of the contractually agreed obligations by the debtor and to ensure balancing group loyalty.

We are specialised in automated trading on the intraday and day-ahead markets. You receive direct access to Europe’s electricity and natural gas exchange markets via our customer portal.


Market access to European trading places

The scope of the generated or needed energy is calculated and traded in advance. Unscheduled production and power plant outages or a deviating energy generation can entail extra costs.

Direkter-Marktzugang Strom und Gas
Fully automated trading according to your requirement

You notify us of your purchasing or selling requirement, e.g. via a REST API interface or via our customer portal. We trade for you in a fully automated process on the intraday market and, if applicable, also by participating in the day-ahead auctions.

Direkter-Marktzugang Strom und Gas
Customer portal with direct access

We grant you direct access via our customer portal to the relevant electricity and natural gas exchanges in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Direkter-Marktzugang Strom und Gas
Transactions almost in real time

Just seconds after the trades are executed on the intraday markets, you will see the traded quantity on the customer portal and the attributed execution price.

Direkter-Marktzugang Strom und Gas
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Energy for the economic driver

We never stand still and deliver digital solutions for customers, who operate on dynamic markets. After all, business success is the result of well-considered decisions. We help you make them.  

Branche: Industrie


Through our customised algorithms, we profitably trade industrial flexibility on the intraday markets.


We help city utilities with our in-depth industry know-how to move their energy mix in the direction of sustainability.

Power plant operators

Our fully automated solutions support power plant operators in the best possible utilisation of their capacities.  

„Simply trading energy. Uncomplicated and with full transparency.“

Marcus Engler | Head of Industrial Sales

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Marcus Engler

Marcus Engler | Head of Industrial Sales


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