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Persistent action for a sustainable, efficient energy market

With the aim in sight of reaching climate neutrality within the coming decades, the energy market is currently experiencing radical change. At the same time, the diversity of energy sources with different availabilities leads to never seen before volatility. A stable energy supply meanwhile is the foundation for modern life and the condition for functioning production and innovation processes – or briefly said: economic success.

We at ESFORIN meet this fundamental requirement by means of algorithms that respond to short-term changes in the energy market in a stabilising manner. Adjusted to the needs of our customers. Developed to steer energy in new directions.


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Flexibility marketing

We optimise your flexibility on the intraday market. Fully automated and within the range of milliseconds. This is how you can help stabilise the power grid on the way to the energy transition.


Balancing group & portfolio management 


Direct market access electricity & gas


Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies

Market communication

Market communication

„ESFORIN makes the further integration of volatile renewable energies possible in the first place.“

Christian Hövelhaus | CEO & Founder ESFORIN

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Energy for the economic driver

We never stand still and deliver digital solutions for customers, who operate on dynamic markets. After all, business success is the result of well-considered decisions. We help you make them.  

Branche: Industrie


CO2 avoidance with existing assets and simultaneous profit generation.


Security of supply and grid stability with the help of digital and modular energy services.

Battery and hydrogen

The partners of renewables – how storage technologies and hydrogen flank wind and solar power.

Renewable energies

The intraday market accelerates the energy transition by integrating more renewables (e.g. biogas, wind or PV).

Energy supplier

We help energy suppliers to optimise their processes with modular energy services or in an end-to-end process.

In focus: renewables and battery

The intraday market opens up further revenue potential for the combination of renewable energies and battery storage.


Partner for joint success


Our contribution on the way to climate neutrality

With our algorithm-based intraday solutions, we make a decisive contribution to the success of the energy transition. Flexibility stabilises the electricity grid and reduces CO2 emissions. This not only convinces our customers, but also the certification authority TÜV Rheinland.


Our participations in a digitally characterised world

With our solutions, we consistently rely on digital applications. This is bearing in mind that fractions of seconds in the interaction between supply and demand decide on financial success, incurred costs, and long-term supply reliability. 

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We are specialised in developing solutions customised to your personal requirements. And you can also righty expect this based on the information you receive from us.

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Christoph Gardlo (COO), Christian Hövelhaus (CEO)
Founders ESFORIN


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