Industrial flexibility as an enabler of the energy transition

CO2 avoidance with existing assets and simultaneous profit generation.

The expansion of renewables not only brings volatility to power generation, but also to the power exchange. In the event of oversupply, e.g. bright breeze, Bright breeze refers to the availability of large amounts of electrical energy from renewable generation due to a lot of wind and a lot of sun Dark lull refers in the energy industry to the low availability of electrical energy from wind and PV generation due to darkness and little wind Dunkelflaute bezeichnet in der Energiewirtschaft die geringe Verfügbarkeit elektrischer Energie aus Wind- und PV-Erzeugung aufgrund von Dunkelheit und wenig Wind they rise. Existing flexibility potentials can help to close these gaps.

We trade industrial consumption and generation flexibilities equally on the electricity market. This helps the integration of renewables and saves CO₂. At the same time, companies can make additional profits of up to €185,000 per MW and trading direction per year by adapting consumption and/or generation to market behaviour.

Per MW and trading direction per year

The power exchange is increasingly gaining in volatility and volume as more and more renewables are fed into the grid. Regardless of crises and impending energy shortages, we can therefore expect wider price spreads in the continuous intraday of the power exchange and thus the value of flexibility is also increasing.

Orange= sell, Green = buy, White = intraday trades, trade start: 4pm previous day & trade end until 5 min before delivery

Case study: Production power flexibility

For example, an industrial customer regularly reports to us 6 MW of flexibility for its production facility in both trading directions for certain quarter-hourly products on Intraday. This was also the case on day D for 8:15-8:30 a.m. Our individualised algorithms then traded the 6 MW on the intraday market of the power exchange from 4 p.m. onwards on the presentation (day D-1) within the plant-specific restrictions. During this period, more than 30 trades were traded until gate closure for a single product in the type. In the end, the customer did not have to retrade his plant on this day As a rule, actual physical fulfilment only occurs in 30% in our portfolio average of all clients but was only able to reduce his energy costs by around €2,000 in this quarter of an hour through trades executed. At the same time, this plant made an active contribution to grid stability and indirect CO2 savings.

Learn more about how our marketing of flexibilities works, for example in the paper industry.

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