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Intraday opens up more revenue potential for renewables mehr Erlöspotentiale

The intraday market accelerates the energy transition by integrating more renewables (e.g. biogas, wind or PV).

Participation in the intraday market offers considerable potential to operators of renewable energy plants. The same applies to large-scale consumers, as forecast deviations can be offset here at attractive prices.

An example: Even from the 6 or 1h rule In the case of EEG plants, the operator does not receive a market premium if the spot market price is negative within 6 or 1 hour/s or more and was nevertheless fed into the grid. we can generate opportunities for operators. This is because a new, positive flexibility arises from the shutdown. This can be intelligently marketed on the Intraday without violating the 6 or 1 hour rule. In this way, we are already thinking the energy transition through to the end today.

The biggest hurdle in the integration of renewables - the forecast error

Intraday helps in particular to compensate for the forecast error of renewables. This is not only a challenge for grid stability, but also for producers and consumers. This is because generation and consumption must be matched to the second at all times, so the generation forecast must be as accurate as possible. In contrast to controllable generation, renewables are subject to a higher forecast error. Difference between forecast and actual physical fulfilment. However, this can be compensated for at short notice on the intraday market by flexible market participants. This supports the integration of more renewables into the system.

Green = Forecast of electricity production (MWh), one day before day D; Orange = Reality day D; Negative flexibility needed (e.g. if forecast is smaller than reality); Positive flexibility is needed if forecast is larger than actual electricity production;

If a higher forecast is made than is physically available, this gap can be made up with positive flexibility on the intraday.

Why is the market worthwhile for renewable energy operators?

With the expansion of renewables, the seasonally dependent price development also increases - so electricity prices fall even further when there is a lot of wind or sunshine. These price fluctuations have been increasingly noticeable on the intraday market since mid-2012.

With the help of individually programmed algorithms, we react quickly for our customers on the intraday to these price fluctuations and thus also to the fluctuating supply of renewables. We can optimally adjust both positive and negative flexibilities, i.e. supply and demand response management, to the market. This know-how is particularly essential for charging and discharging battery storage systems.

Battery storage as real added value for renewables

In addition, battery storage systems play an essential role in the storage of renewable energy in order to be able to balance out its daily fluctuations.

With large-scale electricity storage, electrolysis and controllable electricity consumers, the price volatility on the intraday market can be additionally exploited. For example, in times of high wind and low exchange prices, a wind farm can store the electricity generated and sell it at a later time at significantly higher prices.

0 €/MW/a
Profits in intraday trading for battery storage systems

Thus, with the help of our individually programmed algorithms, we can generate up to 230.000 € profit per MW/a of battery storage capacity in intraday trading for our customers.

Profit opportunities arise not only in the individual marketing of large battery storage systems, but also in the aggregation of smaller home storage systems. Together with sonnen 2022, we have exploited this previously untapped potential for the energy transition. For more information, see the press release:

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