Market communication

Smart tools for the reliable exchange of data in the energy industry

The data exchange between energy market actors is a highly complex process. Transmitted data must be exchanged reliably and on time in the prescribed standards and formats. This is the only way that energy generation and consumption can remain comprehensible and be balanced.

ESFORIN Marktkommunikation


Market communication

The standardised electric data exchange enables the comprehensive and continuous communication between all market actors. It forms the basis for a functioning energy industry, which keeps gaining in dynamics by the increasing feed-in from renewable energies.

On our IT platform, we offer smart tools to you that you can use to automate your market communication to exchange master and movement data, receive and send timelines, respond to test notification, run plausibility checks, and process clearing cases. Using state-of-the-art cloud systems, you can seamlessly integrate forecasts completely maintenance-free into your existing process workflows.


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Market communication on diverse channels

For a stable energy grid and a functioning energy market, a variety of data such as meter counts, a switch of the energy supplier or grid use statements must be exchanged continuously, sometimes in country-specific formats and through different communication channels.

Market communication
Balancing groups in equilibrium

An identical state of knowledge on all sides is essential, among other, to keep the balancing groups of the market actors in equilibrium.

Market communication
Automated correspondence

We offer high-quality solutions to you for your market communication. Based on state-of-the-art cloud systems, data flows in the market communication can be exchanged automatically with the respectively communicating market actors.

Market communication
Partner for market communication

With xpergy as a solution, you will control the complex market processes with a high level of automation and at affordable process costs per executed transaction.

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Energy for the economic driver

We never stand still and deliver digital solutions for customers, who operate on dynamic markets. After all, business success is the result of well-considered decisions. We help you make them.  


We help city utilities with our in-depth industry know-how to move their energy mix in the direction of sustainability.

B2C energy suppliers

Our automated trading offers energy suppliers direct access to relevant energy exchange markets.

„Our digital solutions create space for core tasks. Automatically and secure.“

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