EEG as an opportunity for more flexibility marketing

Christoph Gardlo in an interview with Dr. Franziska Lietz of RITTER GENT COLLEGEN Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB about the EEG as an opportunity for flexibility marketing - more plants can now market flexibly.

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German article in the newspaper "Handelsblatt": This is how solar power can be sold on the stock exchange. The two companies Sonnen and Esforin see the new model as a contribution to grid stabilisation. However, the return for private households is completely open.


"Every industrial company gets its own algorithm adapted to its electricity needs," Christian Hövelhaus told WirtschaftsWoche.

FOCUS magazine

„Unter Hochspannung“ – Lesenswerter Artikel im Focus Magazin wie deutsche Start-ups beim Energiesparen helfen. Zum Beispiel wie ESFORIN den Stromverbrauch optimiert und tado smarte Thermostate entwickelt.