energate Interview

"We implement the energy transition economically and in a way that serves the grid," says Christian Hövelhaus in an energate interview about ESFORIN SE and our flexibility marketing.

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Grid curtailment in Germany

Tough nut to crack? Not with batteries and flexibility! Learn from our battery expert Swagath Bhat how flexibility, expansion of the grid and battery energy storage systems (BESS) as well as their optimisation can help to keep the lights on in Europe.

Biogas Journal

Biogas Journal reports how flexible biogas plants can benefit from the high prices on the power exchange. ESFORIN was asked how additional revenue can be optimised.

Interview FOCUS Online

„Ohne uns klappt die Energiewende nicht – oder kostet nochmal Milliarden.“ […] Die Netze ächzen unter der schwer prognostizierbaren Wind- und Solarkraft. Denkbare Lösung, die keine zusätzlichen Milliarden kostet: intelligente Flexibilitätsvermarktung.