Overview of the largest direct marketers

The Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (ZfK) has published an overview of the largest German direct marketers. And, we are among them!

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Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft

"Intraday market: flexibility marketer sees great opportunities for municipal utilities.
The company ESFORIN optimises electricity generation and consumption according to the price situation on intraday markets. While it initially focused on industrial customers, it now wants to increasingly target municipal utilities." Article worth reading in the ZfK

energate Interview

„Wir setzen die Energiewende wirtschaftlich und netzdienlich um“, so Christian Hövelhaus im energate Interview über ESFORIN SE und unserer Flexibilitätsvermarktung.

Industry as electricity storage

Worth reading article from Handelsblatt about us: Industrial plants can serve as a kind of storage for electricity from renewables. This should relieve the strain on grids and mitigate price extremes. One important player: ESFORIN.