Our CEO Christian Hövelhaus was interviewed as an expert in WirtschaftsWoche on the topic of digitalisation in the power market and flexible electricity prices. For energy-intensive companies in particular, the price fluctuations on the power exchange offer opportunities.

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energate Interview

„Wir setzen die Energiewende wirtschaftlich und netzdienlich um“, so Christian Hövelhaus im energate Interview über ESFORIN SE und unserer Flexibilitätsvermarktung.


We are delighted about the great cover story in WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE with our CEO and founder Christian Hövelhaus, who recognized the signs of the energy transition back in 2014!


What is electricity trading on the day-ahead and intraday market? How do supply and demand influence the electricity market? How do 1KOMMA5° and ESFORIN work together to achieve the best possible results for the dynamic electricity tariff "Dynamic Pulse"? Find out more in the 1KOMMA5° article.