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Intraday opens up further revenue potential for the combination of for renewables and batteries

The intraday market opens up further revenue potential for the combination of renewable energies and battery storage.

The intraday market is used by direct marketers to minimise balancing energy. Automated trading in particular allows forecast deviations to be settled quickly and at optimal cost.

To minimise the risk of balancing energy, the integration of battery storage with a high capacity into direct marketing is a sensible option. Whether the investment pays off in detail is shown by the quarter-hourly simulations with historical feed-in profiles of the RE parks. The batteries then jump in with a discharge and sale to the market when the actual feed-in of the RE park is lower compared to the day-ahead schedule.

Usually, PRL Primary control power stabilises the grid frequency within 30 seconds - and SRL Secondary control reserve stabilises the grid frequency within 5 minutes, if necessary. -Marketing considered as an additional source of revenue to refinance investment costs. Batteries can be activated within fractions of a second, which makes them particularly valuable for grid operators. The speed of reaction is needed in the event of a sudden increase or decrease in frequency, when a mismatch in power generation and demand occurs. Especially in the case of grid and power plant failures, rapid weather changes or exceptional demand, the 50.2 Hertz must be maintained by the grid operators. From the operator's point of view, it is problematic that particularly large batteries will be projected from 2023 onwards, which will enter the PRL market, which is around 600 MW in size. This will inevitably lead to a decline in revenues.

New: In direct marketing practice, it is observed that sufficiently large batteries have further scope to sell green power at peak prices to the intraday market (shifting the feed-in profile) and reduce balancing energy with an individual trading strategy.

Direct marketing with flexibility

Since 2016, we have been using individually programmed algorithms to react quickly for our customers on the intraday to these price fluctuations and thus also to the fluctuating supply of renewables. In doing so, we can optimally match positive and negative flexibilities, i.e. supply and demand response management, to the market. This know-how is essential, especially when discharging battery storage units, and offers a decisive competitive advantage in individual marketing.

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Profits in intraday trading for battery storage systems

With stand-alone battery systems (storage + withdrawal without green power separation), further potentials can be raised. For example, with the help of our individually programmed algorithms, we can generate up to € 230,000 profit per MW/a of battery storage capacity in intraday trading for our customers.

It is not only the individual marketing of large battery storage systems that holds great potential. Our cooperation with sonnen shows that aggregated, smaller home storage systems can also be marketed intelligently.

Ask us about your planned projects. We will be happy to work out with you what other marketing possibilities there are.

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