Battery + H2

Batteries and hydrogen (H2)

The partners of renewables – how storage technologies and hydrogen flank wind and solar power.

Renewable power generation is climate-friendly and cost-effective. It generates electricity depending on the supply - i.e. only when the wind and sun make energy available. So far, however, the electricity system has been designed for demand-based power generation. What is needed is generated exactly when it is needed. The electricity grid is also designed this way. It only transmits the electricity and cannot store anything. Generation and demand must be precisely coordinated at all times, otherwise the fragile equilibrium in the power grid threatens to collapse into a blackout.

Orange= sell, Green = buy, White = intraday trades, trade start: 4pm previous day & trade end until 5 min before delivery

Case study: Battery storage

An industrial company with a battery storage facility has notified us of a sales flexibility of 7 MW in both trading directions on a day D for 7:00 to 7:15. Our algorithms programmed for the battery storage then traded the 7 MW on the intraday market of the power exchange from 4 p.m. on the presentation (day D-1) within the plant-specific restrictions. On this winter day with little wind and sun, extreme prices could be observed on the intraday, so that within one minute around 6,500€ sales revenue could be achieved for this quarter-hourly product. Extreme price scenarios will increase significantly in the future, as the volatility of the price development increases rapidly due to the feed-in of more renewables. Thus, extremely high prices can occur at times of little wind and sun in winter and even negative prices at times with a lot of wind and sun.

The power system of the future is renewable – we have to rethink it

In a system that is fed 100% by renewable generation, the entire system must be rethought. Surplus generation must be stored to meet demand when there is too little renewable electricity available. This can be done on the one hand by adapting demand to the generation situation - i.e. by means of consumption flexibility - and on the other hand by conserving the surplus electricity in storage and converting it into hydrogen for later.

This new system is more complex than the current one. There are many more players. Such a diverse electricity system requires orchestration. For the intraday electricity market, which with its price signals provides good recommendations for action to integrate renewables, we as ESFORIN are the market-leading conductor.

Individual cycle limitation possible, for example:

Cycles per year

Hydrogen ramp-up falters

Battery storage is being developed everywhere. The combination of renewable generation with connected electricity storage is also desired and is promoted via innovation tenders. The expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure is still struggling somewhat. The regulations are delaying the necessary expansion of electrolysers. Green electricity is often not available to the extent that the operation of a hydrogen electrolyser is economical. However, the flexibility that electrolysers bring to the overall system is essential for the energy transition.

We can trade all kinds of flexibilities from different storage options on the intraday market. In this way, flexibility becomes an asset that drives the further expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure and generates profits at the same time.

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