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Making intelligent use of the intraday market EPEX Spot in the paper and board industry

With the new price situation of the energy markets, many board and paper mills are re-examining flexibility potentials of electricity in order to reduce energy costs. 

Here, automated intraday trading is particularly suitable for realising energy cost savings and enormous profits with the help of individual trading strategies.

You are wondering how you can best market e.g. your wood grinders, biogas plants in intraday? First of all, with your insight into available or potential flexibilities in your company, we would analyse the profit potential in automated intraday trading on the EPEX Spot power exchange together in a conversation.

This interview lasts about 15 minutes and includes the following two topics:

Technical framework

1. At which locations is your procurement or feed-in flexibility?  

2. What is the availability and direction (positive/negative) of your flexibility?

3. Are there restrictions, such as call frequency, minimum standstill period, block marketing or heat supply?

4. Is it possible to market 15-minute profiles?

5. With what lead time would you like to be informed about a call?

Good to know: It is important to note that you do not need any pre-qualification in intraday trading and you do not have to commit to specific individual installations.
In intraday trading, the amount of energy is marketed, not the output. In direct comparison to balancing energy, this provision is often easier to implement intraday

Regulatory framework

1. The grid peak is taken into account in the flexibility report. Thus, with the help of the individual grid charges, e.g. outside the high-load time window, the available flexibility can be used anew. What would be your conceivable time windows for calling up flexibility?   

2. According to current knowledge, the EEG levy will be completely waived for many industrial companies from 1 July 2022.

3. Marginal costs usually include the following components:

Good to know: For entire sites, extreme price fishing in intraday trading Under extreme price fishing, the marketing strategy is designed in such a way that the flexibilities are only called up at prices from +-400 euros/MWh, for example. can be attractive. Here, the individual trading strategy is based on extreme market prices, with whose energy deliveries the grid is stabilised in congestion situations.


The framework conditions discussed form the prerequisite for the development of an individual marketing strategy for trading your flexibility through ESFORIN on the Intraday Electricity Market. The strategy is continuously monitored and adapted to the changing market situation.

Technical connection

We offer a variety of possible connection paths depending on the level of automation you require. The range extends from a file-based call to fully automatic integration into your on-site process control system via e.g. Profibus, Modbus, Siemens S7 or IEC-104 protocol. Die Spanne reicht von einem dateibasierten Aufruf bis hin zur vollautomatischen Integration in Ihr Prozessleitsystem am Standort via z.B. Profibus, Modbus, Siemens S7 oder IEC-104 Protokoll. 

Your energy provider

Your energy supplier or balancing group manager receives all information from us so that no disadvantages arise from our marketing. 


Our contribution to sustainable energy economy

We make a decisive contribution by our service to the indisputably urgently necessary energy transition. This comes in light of the urgency that is of the essence to be able to still remotely reach the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

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The diversity of the energy sources available today leads to so far unseen volatility. We react to temporary changes within fractions of seconds – with our customised offer according to customer specifications.

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We are specialised in developing solutions customised to your personal requirements. And you can also righty expect this based on the information you receive from us.

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