A digital optimization platform for today and the future

ES FOR IN SE was founded in 2014 as a European company by Christian Hövelhaus (CEO) and Christoph Gardlo (COO). The aim of the company was and still is to offer energy solutions and services, for example so-called demand side management for marketing energy flexibility to industrial and major customers – via a completely automated optimisation and service platform. ES FOR IN thus actively contributes to the energy turnaround.
Because the energy turnaround increases the importance of flexibility in the energy supply network. Industrial companies with the ability to keep energy loads flexible can help to automatically balance the fluctuations between energy consumption and generation within a few milliseconds on the intraday market. The ES FOR IN solutions allow industrial companies to adapt power flexibility to price signals on the intraday market. Such price signals indicate an imbalance in the power grid – the ES FOR IN algorithms react to it. Thus, ES FOR IN customers contribute decisively to the energy turnaround and at the same time use the opportunity to reduce their energy costs.
In recent years, ES FOR IN has developed more than 50 individualized trading algorithms for various assets and has built up enormous know-how in algorithmic intraday trading. As a leading provider in the field of flexibility marketing in the electricity sector and one of the most innovative companies in the flexibility marketing of gas, ES FOR IN is today active in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands and one of the leading and growing players in the European energy market.


Christian Hövelhaus (CEO): “Our vision is to establish a leading digitalized and innovative marketplace, especially for short-term energy optimisation in the European markets, where our customers can benefit from our products. We are currently focused on flexibility marketing in the electricity and natural gas sector and on the sales partner business. At the same time, we are working on the next innovative products that will help drive the energy turnaround in Germany and Europe. These include, for example, automated electricity direct marketing – also in combination with customer-specific flexibility options – and automated optimization of gas storage and transport capacities. It is already foreseeable that through continuous automation the electricity intraday markets will most likely soon be so efficient that suppliers of balancing energy and transmission system operators will hardly need to intervene to achieve the necessary stability.
Especially with the flexibility marketing in the electricity sector, we are already enabling numerous industrial and major customers with their flexibility in production or power generation to participate in continuous intraday trading and thus to actively participate in the stabilisation of the electricity grid with their provided electricity flexibility and to make their active contribution to the energy turnaround.
ES FOR IN lives an appreciative corporate culture, in which teamwork as well as open and honest exchange at eye level is highly valued. Every employee contributes to the success of the company. The company supports its employees in developing their full potential.