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Grid curtailment in Germany

Tough nut to crack? Not with batteries and flexibility! Learn from our battery expert Swagath Bhat how flexibility, expansion of the grid and battery energy storage systems (BESS) as well as their optimisation can help to keep the lights on in Europe.


In an interview with Top Agrar, our CEO Christian Hövelhaus and COO Christoph Gardlo explain how flexible biogas plants can benefit from ESFORIN's cross-market flexibility marketing.

Decentralised energy bundle

Municipal utilities are real change makers in the energy transition. Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) shows how it's done. Find out more in our latest podcast episode!


What is electricity trading on the day-ahead and intraday market? How do supply and demand influence the electricity market? How do 1KOMMA5° and ESFORIN work together to achieve the best possible results for the dynamic electricity tariff "Dynamic Pulse"? Find out more in the 1KOMMA5° article.

BESS Podcast

BESS for Success

What is needed for the successful implementation of battery energy storage systems (BESS)? What are the trends in battery storage systems? Find out more in our latest podcast episode (in German)!

Battery storage ranking

ESFORIN SE has achieved 2nd place (!) with a portfolio of over 100 megawatts in the battery marketer ranking of the Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft (ZfK). Find out more in the online article.


Unter 25.435 Nominierungen wurde ESFORIN von der Cleantech Group in die Liste der „Global Cleantech 100“ aufgenommen! Wir sind stolz, neben vielen führenden Unternehmen, die Innovationen im Cleantech-Sektor vorantreiben, anerkannt zu werden – denn es spiegelt unsere Vision wider: Gemeinsam für ein grünes und gleichzeitig sicheres Energiesystem.

Merry Megawatt Review

Join us in our Christmas Special podcast episode with ESFORIN's CEO Christian Hövelhaus und COO Christoph Gardlo.


We are delighted about the great cover story in WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE with our CEO and founder Christian Hövelhaus, who recognized the signs of the energy transition back in 2014!

#11 | Energizing Green Success

Join us in our latest podcast episode with Christoph Ostermann – diving into the world of GreenTech startups.


Gemeinsam mit der Encavis AG tragen wir zu einem grünen und sicheren Energiesystem bei. Flexibilität ist immer gefragt – Erneuerbare Energien können auch einen positiven Einfluss auf die Stabilisierung des Netzes haben.

Münchner Merkur

Together with Bavarian companies such as UPM in Augsburg and sonnen from Allgäu, we are driving the energy transition forward. Read more in the Münchner Merkur article.


Day-Ahead and Intraday power market

Energy trading in near real time. Energy trading has developed dynamically in recent years, with two power markets playing a decisive role: Day-Ahead and Intraday.

WAZ article

Essen start-ups raise millions: What they are planning now. A report on ESFORIN's Series B financing round.

ESFORIN raises €7.5m in Series B

ESFORIN raises €7.5m in Series B to accelerate growth in Europe and combat climate change – led by SEB Greentech Venture Capital

#5 | WasserstOFF oder ON?

Lawyer Annerieke Walter is passionate about hydrogen. In this podcast episode, she takes us on a tour of the legal intricacies and formulates pragmatic To Do's on how to legally support the hydrogen ramp-up.

We have cracked the half million mark

For the last two years, TÜV Rheinland has confirmed systemic CO2 savings of over 560,000 tonnes for our trading activities according to our certified calculation methodology.

Case study of our flex marketing

Danke InfraServ GmbH & Co. Gendorf KG und WAGO für die innovative Zusammenarbeit. Gemeinsam ermöglichen wir den Erfolg der Energiewende. Denn mit der Vermarktung von Strom-Flexibilitäten wird nicht nur CO2 reduziert, sondern auch das Netz stabilisiert.


Our CEO Christian Hövelhaus in an interview with WELT on how the industry can make a significant contribution to the energy transition and grid stabilisation.


Interview with Christoph Gardlo and Handelsblatt about the restructuring of the energy system and how ESFORIN enables the integration of more renewables with flexibility marketing.

German Sustainability Award

We are super proud to announce that we are nominated for the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis (German Sustainability Award) !! As our flexibility marketing enables CO2 reduction and grid stabilisation.


German article in the newspaper "Handelsblatt": This is how solar power can be sold on the stock exchange. The two companies Sonnen and Esforin see the new model as a contribution to grid stabilisation. However, the return for private households is completely open.

FOCUS magazine

„Unter Hochspannung“ – Lesenswerter Artikel im Focus Magazin wie deutsche Start-ups beim Energiesparen helfen. Zum Beispiel wie ESFORIN den Stromverbrauch optimiert und tado smarte Thermostate entwickelt.

Saving CO2 with flexibility

Our flexibility marketing helps our customers make a significant contribution to decarbonisation. Our CEO and COO explain how. Take a look now!


Our CEO Christian Hövelhaus was interviewed as an expert in WirtschaftsWoche on the topic of digitalisation in the power market and flexible electricity prices. For energy-intensive companies in particular, the price fluctuations on the power exchange offer opportunities.

TÜV certificate for 197,000 tonnes of CO2 savings

TÜV Rheinland has certified the significant CO2 reduction with the help of the marketing of available electricity flexibilities in intraday trading by the company ESFORIN. In addition to the calculation method, the certificate attests to the total CO2 savings of over 197,000 tonnes for the year 2021.

Biogas Journal

Biogas Journal reports how flexible biogas plants can benefit from the high prices on the power exchange. ESFORIN was asked how additional revenue can be optimised.

Direct marketer delivering in real time

We are "Direct marketer delivering in real time"! The "VisuFlex" project of the Agency for Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.). (FNR) shows that flexibilised biogas plants can compensate for the fluctuating power generation of volatile energy producers.

EEG as an opportunity for more flexibility marketing

Christoph Gardlo im Interview mit Dr. Franziska Lietz von RITTER GENT COLLEGEN Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB
über die EEG-Umlage als Chance für die Flexibilitätsvermarktung – mehr Anlagen können nun flexibel vermarkten.


"Every industrial company gets its own algorithm adapted to its electricity needs," Christian Hövelhaus told WirtschaftsWoche.

Deutsche Welle

„Wie Algorithmen die Energiewende vorantreiben“, empfehlenswerter Online-Artikel der Deutschen Welle über ESFORIN SE.

Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft

"Intraday market: flexibility marketer sees great opportunities for municipal utilities.
The company ESFORIN optimises electricity generation and consumption according to the price situation on intraday markets. While it initially focused on industrial customers, it now wants to increasingly target municipal utilities." Article worth reading in the ZfK

WAZ reports about ESFORIN

"Die Energiewende beschleunigen", recommendable report about ESFORIN's impact to enhance the energy transition in the newspaper WAZ.


"Several hundred megawatts of capacity are now in our portfolio and react, albeit quite differently, to changes in electricity prices at lightning speed," Christian Hövelhaus said in the report worth knowing in the Tagesspiegel.

energate Interview

„Wir setzen die Energiewende wirtschaftlich und netzdienlich um“, so Christian Hövelhaus im energate Interview über ESFORIN SE und unserer Flexibilitätsvermarktung.

Podcast Convoco!

Unbedingt reinhören: Der C! Podcast mit Dr. Corinne Flick & Christian Hövelhaus: „Von der Energiekrise zur Energiewende – wie gelingt der Weg?“.