Author: Carina Buchmann

Engineering Policy

Our 1st podcast episode 2024 welcomes Heribert Hauck. He looks with us at the energy system and hurdles to the successful implementation of the energy transition.

#10 | Transforming the primary industry

The 10th episode of our podcast promises exciting insights from Prof. Stefan Lechtenböhmer (University of Kassel) on how to drive the transformation towards a climate-neutral primary industry.

#9 | Weaving the future

Listen now to the 9th episode of our ESFORIN Change Maker Podcast: Discover the possibilities of carbon composites in the context of the energy transition with Prof. Klaus Drechsler from TU München.

#8 | Less reactive power

Listen now to the 8th episode of our ESFORIN Change Makers Podcast and get an insight into the work of Dr Katharina Schubert, Climate Protection Officer in Industry at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy NRW.

Karriere in der Energiebranche starten

Energize your Career!

Energy bundle wanted. Start your career with us now and actively shape the energy transition! Find out more in the blog post now.

#6 | Innovations under power

Einmal die Energiewelt Europas aus der Vogelperspektive betrachten. Dr. Thomas Haller von der Unternehmensberatung Simon-Kucher & Partners hat mit uns in dieser E-World Sonderfolge die Beraterbrille aufgesetzt und klar umschrieben, welchen unternehmerischen Rahmen das europäische Großprojekt „Energiewende“ braucht.

A holistic approach to the energy transition

Christoph Gardlo (COO von ESFORIN) berichtet in einem Artikel für den VIK Verband der Industriellen Energie- und Kraftwirtschaft e.V. über die Energiewende: Z.B. Braucht das Energiesystem eine Kernsanierung oder einen neuen Anstrich? Was muss alles in die Energiewende-Toolbox? Wa sind die To Do’s?

#2 | Closing gaps with a network

In the second episode we have Uwe Welteke-Fabricius as our guest. He is the founder of the FL(EX)PERTEN network and a pioneer of flexibilisation in the biogas and CHP sector.