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Flexibility marketing of electricity

Automated, market price oriented intraday trading as a service

Are you dissatisfied with declining revenues from the marketing of electricity as balancing energy or do you have flexibilities that you cannot market on the balancing energy market? Then you can benefit from our automated, individually programmed and market price-oriented flexibility marketing. We actively trade your flexibility for you in the millisecond range on the intraday market and continuously optimise the strategies individually programmed for you – regardless of which energy supplier you work with.

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This is how it works:

Coordinated with your processes

  1. You communicate your flexibility to us.
  2. This is automatically transferred to our system and traded on the continuous intraday market from 16:00 hrs.
  3. Shortly before delivery – usually 29 minutes, but at least 5 minutes before delivery – we send your system a signal to follow up.
  4. The following day we take care of the day-after schedules and send you a report with the daily result.



  • You could achieve profits of up to 85,000 per MW/a.
  • You help to stabilize the power grid in the context of the energy transition.
  • You do not need any pre-qualification and you don’t have any pooling.
  • You decide on the degree of automation.
  • You transparently view every trading transaction carried out for you.

Direct market access for industrial companies

Uncomplicated reduction of your balancing energy costs

ESFORIN specializes in automated trading on EPEX Spot on the intraday and day-ahead markets. We offer you automated access to the power and natural gas exchanges in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

This is how it works:

  1. You announce your need to buy or sell via your preferred channel.
  2. We trade the quantity for you on the intraday market.
  3. You see the traded quantity and the corresponding execution price in our customer portal a few seconds after execution of the trades.


  • You can react flexibly to short-term fluctuations in generation and consumption in your portfolio.
  • You could reduce your balancing energy costs.
  • You benefit from our experience.
  • You have a partner who places the highest value on flexibility, security and transparency.
  • You get uncomplicated direct market access to electricity and gas exchanges.

Balancing group, scheduling & portfolio management

Competent energy management to relieve you

We assume the role of balancing group manager for you and ensure that your balancing groups are automatically kept in balance. The most important goal is to keep the costs for possible balancing energy as low as possible.

Balancing group management:

Not only when you purchase energy from us, but also when you procure your electricity and gas requirements yourself, we relieve you of the burden of managing your balancing group. We manage your portfolio across all control areas or market areas – transparently and comprehensibly on your behalf. We handle all market communication 24/7 with your trading partners and with the balancing group coordinator / transmission system operator or the market area manager.

Portfolio management:

Together with you, we forecast your long-term requirements on the basis of your current energy portfolio or your expected development. This long-term forecast, possibly in several scenarios, serves as the basis for your procurement strategy in the futures market. In the short or medium term, we update the forecasts and smooth out the volumes traded in the futures market on the spot market in comparison with the last forecast. Within the scope of balancing group management, we communicate on your behalf as balancing group manager with your trading partners, among others, and send all necessary schedules and messages accordingly.

Market communication:

Only pay for transactions you really need! Without system operating costs, software licenses or hardware. With our partner brand xpergy, we offer supplementary highly automated digitization solutions for your energy business from a single source. Expand your existing system cost-consciously with the know-how and high quality standards of the xpergy Competence Team and the performance of state-of-the-art cloud systems. Integrate automatic and completely maintenance-free forecasts into your existing process flows. Put processes such as changing suppliers or MaBiS into our hands on a case-by-case basis. Let us take care of complete business processes or only small sub-functions. Further information is available at www.it247.de/xpergy.

attractive costs due to a high degree of automation

flexible through integrability into all systems

uncomplicated through services from a single source

Security through quality

Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies

EEG direct marketing in the market premium model for flexible assets

You can concentrate on your core business. We take over all services for you that arise with direct marketing.

This is how it works:

  1. You are a plant operator and send us your planned production for the following day.
  2. We calculate a revenue-optimised schedule taking into account your plant restrictions.
  3. We take care of feed-in forecasts, market access, balancing group management and invoicing for you.
  4. We show you the additional revenue achieved in a transparent manner and receive a profit-sharing bonus.


  • Automated and efficiently organised processes save work.
  • You have full transparency and concentrate on generating energy.
  • A combination of direct marketing and flexibility marketing is possible.
  • Shortfall or surplus quantities in the daily electricity trading are being balanced.
  • On the basis of our deployment optimisation, you achieve additional revenue compared to the monthly market value.

A digital optimization platform for today and the future

The founders of the greentech company ESFORIN, Christian Hövelhaus and Christoph Gardlo, and their team support the necessary integration of renewable energies into the power generation system through market-based, commercial optimization of industrial flexibilities. ESFORIN thus makes a valuable contribution to the sustainable successful implementation of the energy transition and reduction of CO2 emissions. This is made possible by consistent digitalization of innovative energy solutions and services. The almost completely automated optimization and service platform of ESFORIN offers optimal conditions for the efficient and grid-stabilizing marketing of gas and electricity flexibilities for industrials as well as for power plant operators and innovative aggregators.